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This site showcases insights and processes for personal performance improvement. These white papers have been created and vetted with professionals from every business rank and various industries. Although a number of my clients are Harvard, Wharton and Chicago grads, plenty of my clients sloughed it out at night school for a business degree from a local state college. I’m opening my file cabinets for anyone to peruse and plagiarize. Underlying all of the white papers are five important career questions: How can I develop my work intelligence? Why do you (or I) believe that? How do you do that? How do you say that? What will it take to have a more successful career? The research on this site has similar subtexts.


Many of the white papers emphasize technique. Technique makes it possible to implement advice. People who become very good at something, whether it’s medicine, law or business, do so through a process of technique development called deliberate practice. It’s what Tiger Woods, Joshua Bell, Malcolm Gladwell, Warren Buffett and the Dominican baseball players have built their success on. Anders Ericsson, the internationally known scholar on expertise from Florida State has shown that there are three key elements to deliberate practice:

  1. setting specific, incremental goals
  2. getting immediate feedback
  3. concentrating on technique as much as on outcome

Other studies as recent as 2007 strongly support Ericsson’s work showing that sticking to the fundamentals improves your performance intelligence. The point of these white papers is to provide the insights and techniques that go toward answering two questions that lie at the heart of the 21st century economy. How can you ensure your success in a volatile work environment? What steps do you need to take to build your own professional expertise?


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