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Dan Erwin
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Dan's Bio


Dan Erwin is a nationally recognized management consultant, having coached more than 400 managers and executives from many of the finest corporations in the world, including an extensive client base from the Fortune 500. He remains at the forefront in the practical use of research from neuroscience, managerial training, development, and organizational learning. As a result of Erwin’s in-depth, customized coaching program, his clients have sharpened their overall work performance, greatly developed and enhanced their critical thinking skill sets, built their expertise into highly valued specialties, developed leadership skills, circumvented job losses in the face of corporate outsourcing, mergers, or acquisitions, made valued contributions to their organizations, and gained high-status opportunities and promotions.


More than 95% of Erwin’s clients are college graduates and MBAs—and several are research and development PhDs. Among the graduate schools represented in his client base are the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Wharton, Harvard, Tuck, Stanford, Columbia, Emory, Washington University, Thunderbird, Johns Hopkins, and the Universities of California (Berkeley), Indiana, Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, and Colorado.


Erwin’s service of management development is a performance-based program, uniquely designed to riskproof the career of workers in the New Economy. Building upon the new findings of neuroscience, his program of developing critical thinking skills and expertise enables business persons to add relevant competencies and acquire the adaptability to comfortably change with the demands of the volatile New Economy. Erwin has coached supervisors to CEOs from a majority of industries and business functions. His support of clients in high performance organizations has resulted in promotions to director, vice-president, COO, CFO, CIO, president, and CEO.

Training and experience with people from other cultures have brought Dan Erwin international clients from across the globe. His international base includes executives from Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. As a result these internationals have been able to become more effective workers within American and international corporations, identify and adjust to the differences in national culture, values and company “rules,” and build relationships that enabled them to pursue mutually beneficial personal and corporate goals. Erwin has also built a coaching business with professionals in the fields of law, architecture and medicine. Uniquely, since 2005, he has guinea-pigged seventeen entry-level employees—millennials—for the love of it.


As a result of his reputation and success with leading corporations, he is invited to speak on issues related to coaching and training. He has spoken to such diverse organizations as 3M Corporate Human Resources, Abbott Northwestern Hospitals, Presbyterian Homes, as well as the Society of Consumer Professionals in Business, and the American Society of Training and Development. He has also taught leadership and management development at the University of Minnesota, and the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.


Erwin holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota as well as a graduate seminary degree. In addition, he has post-graduate mastery of educational psychology, including adult and learning psych, personality theory, leadership practice, and organizational behavior. As a result of the explosion of neuroscience, he began to apply its findings to human development as early as 1995. “We now know that learning alters key life processes, what is known as gene expression,” he says. Thus, genes continue to play a part in our lives, based upon what is learned. In that way, nurture is eventually expressed as nature. “These scientific facts from the contemporary field of neuroscience, can be applied to business learning and development.”


At the 125th anniversary of the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Minnesota in 1994, Erwin was awarded the designation, “Alumnus of Notable Achievement”—800 named out of 65,000 graduates. He lives with his wife, Marilyn, in New Brighton, a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota.



Dan Erwin is currently writing a book on how to access the latest cognitive science to build personal business expertise and success in the 21st century talent age.

“Dan Erwin opened my eyes to how others perceive me working, both negatively and positively, and helped me make necessary adaptations to become more effective. Significantly, he helped me learn how to manage successfully in a new matrix organization and succeed! But most significantly, he showed me how to create opportunities for myself in any work situation!”
Dan Smith,
Global Distribution, Ralston Purina Nestle